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I Collect

These are my main collecting interests. I'm open to any offer, and easy to trade with. I aim to please. And if you can knock a card off of my Most Wanted list, I'll find something to make your end of the deal even sweeter.

BOLDED players are my primary collections. I value autos and relics of these players more, and chase them more intensely than those of the other players I list. That being said, I'm always interested in hits of all of the below players. If you've got any you're willing to part with, let me know por favor.

Primary Player Collections

Matt Kemp
Clayton Kershaw
Russell Martin
Ryan Getzlaf
Corey Seager
Al Rosen
Roy Campanella
Bobby Ryan
LaDainian Tomlinson
John Gibson
Lance Alworth
Zack Wheat
Parks & Recreation


Chase Utley
Kevin Love
Gerrit Cole

Long Beach State Alum

Evan Longoria
Troy Tulowitzki

Other Dodgers

Chad Billingsley
Sandy Koufax
Mike Piazza


David Wright
Cole Hamels
Jason Heyward


Emerson Etem


Antonio Gates - Will trade heavily for an auto.
Aaron Rodgers - Will trade heavily for an auto.
Philip Rivers - Will trade heavily for an auto.


Steve Nash - Will trade heavily for an auto.
LeBron James (Hits and Rookies Only) - Will trade heavily for an auto.

Dormant Player Collections

I have basically all I could want from the below, but I would still be open to trading for hits of these guys or certain inserts. I just don't chase them on eBay/COMC and the like anymore.

Carlos Santana
Alex Gordon
Jerry Sands
Trevor Bauer
Shawn Marion
Russell Westbrook