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Friday, January 15, 2010

Dodgers Sign Chad Billingsley

The deal is for $3.85 million, and the parties avoid heading to arbitration.

It's a one-year-deal, and I had hoped the team would wise up and sign him long-term long ago (long ago being a couple of seasons ago). But with the divorce and a general lack of good management at many levels, at least they didn't trade him. Not that management should get credit for not trading an asset like Chad Billingsley, but some people like to think in those terms.

I've been a big and vocal Billingsley supporter, even being called a "Billingsley apologist". I'll apologize any day of the week for one of the most talented pitchers in baseball, who doesn't even turn 26 until the end of July. Every team in baseball would love to have a pitcher of Billingsley's talent, capability, and success. Every. Single. Team.

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