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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Most Awesome Matt Kemp Shirt Ever? The Most Awesome Matt Kemp Shirt Ever.

I received this awesomely awesome Matt Kemp shirt in the mail weeks and weeks ago. And it can be yours too, for the low price of $17 plus shipping and handling ($22 and change for me when it was all said and done).

Here's the website that sells the shirt, Sportscrack.com, and their message that accompanies the shirt:
Kemp continues to shine in LA and live up to his burly nickname of "The Bison." Show your support for the reigning Gold Glove centerfielder. This soft cotton 100% preshrunk royal blue shirt with white and red lettering has a vintage look and feel to it.
So if you see someone around UCLA wearing this shirt, that would be me.


  1. Man, that shit is tight. I'm buying one.

  2. "At first i was like yahhhh righhhtt" and then i said "oooh that is the most awesome Kemp shirt, very well done good sir" and then i took a puff of my tobacco pipe...

  3. Haha puff away good sir, puff away. The Kemp shirt is mighty spiffy.