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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cards I Couldn't Let Pass Me By

Pickups from my local shop/their eBay store/regular old eBay over the past few to many months.


The Hanley is not for trade. Yet. I may one day decide to move it if the right card appears in bloggerland.


I love me some patches, even from former USC players. I'll make the easy joke just for jokes sake - this card is overflowing with booty. Oh snap!

Gotta have a hit of the Great 8. And for just 99 cents, it's mine.

So much stitching....

What's interesting to note is that the patches all come from the player's previous team, not the one he is pictured as being a member of. I purchased this solely because the price was good, the patches are insanely sick (I do love me some patches), and Marion's patch is from his Suns days.

I've wanted to post this triple patch for a while, so now seemed as good a time as any. Being the only bidder on an item is an awesome feeling. It's like you've found treasure that was in the open, but everyone keeps passing it by.

Hola pinstripe, nice seeing you again.



  1. I have something for that Hanley....:)

  2. Oh, you do?

    I'm all ears.

    Literally, my ears are huge.

    /wah wah

    But seriously, e-mail me o' Wicked one.

  3. Sweet cards bro. Especially the triple patches and the Dwight Howard. I don't think I've ever seen the Magic jersey stripe in a card swatch.

  4. Gracias Arno. I'm a sucker for a pinstripe.