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Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Day, Another Russell Martin, Another Gold. Do Canadians Like Gold Too?

I really, really, really like gold parallels and refractors. This is not a refractor (well, it doesn't say anywhere on the card itself that it is, but every parallel on COMC is listed as a refractor, so who knows) but it is a gold parallel - numbered 46/50 - of Russ' 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft WBC Prospects card.

The card pictures Russ in his Team Canada uniform. It's a swell addition to my Russ PC.

That being said, I probably did overpay for it in winning it as the sole bidder on the Bay, but such is life.


  1. Canadians like gold too, but they call it "gould" and buy it with "cheques." At least they do it politely.

  2. We like gold because it often has chocolate inside.

    I didn't know he was from East York. I thought all our baseball players other than Kirk McCaskill and Joey Votto were from BC. The things one learns.

  3. I love gold with chocolate in it too!

    And I love that my blog has become a cultural teaching tool haha.