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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw Relics on The Same Card? Cardgasm, Initiated.

That's right. A cardgasm. See for yourselves what precipitated this excited reaction of mine towards a piece of cardboard.

OH. SNAP. Numbered 23/99 - and had it been 22 or 27, I may have broken the internet - this bad boy ran me just $10.08 delivered. It's headed straight for my Bison PC, and is a most welcome addition, as you might imagine. This card raises an interesting question, a question I once upon a time discussed. As it features two guys I collect, and in this case my two favorite players, I'll need a second copy for my Kid K Collection.

Problem solved. Numbered 38/99, I scooped this up about a month after acquiring the first, as the price was just too much of a bargain. For $8.50 shipped, it heads straight for my Kershaw Kollection. The copy headed for my Clayton PC actually arrived in a one-touch, a nice touch indeed. It'll remain in said magnetic. The backs of both look a little something like this:

I love the old-timey look of these 2011 Panini Prime Cuts dual relics, and of the product in general. These pair fantastically with the dual Kershaw-Verlander I posted on a few weeks back. Panini made the right choice in a bat relic for Matty, so props to them for that as well.



  1. huh, what? i was paying total attention to that awesome kemp/kershaw card when suddenly i couldn't think anymore.
    at least, i couldn't think about silly cardboard.

  2. There were 6 awesome points on this post.

  3. This post just got better the further you read. Please don't hesitate to continue such fine prose!

  4. Thank you gents! I'm glad you enjoy my witty banter.