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Monday, March 18, 2013

Matt Kemp Is A Los Angeles and National Treasure.

Matt Kemp hits on the secondary market are hard to come by nowadays. Prices went up and up between 2011 and the first month of the 2012 campaign before Matty had to deal with hamstring and shoulder injuries. Cardboard prices have somewhat dipped with Kemp's serious shoulder injury and all of his autographs the last couple of years being redemptions. That means the time to pounce is now.

For just $8.26 delivered I wasn't letting this unlicensed beauty slip away. It's the newest addition to my Bison Collection and I absolutely love everything about it. Panini did a great job with 2012 National Treasures and I'm a sucker for any set that has a vintage-y feel and design to it. This Prime Patch card is limited to 25 copies - 11/25 in my case - and the blue patch combined with the white jersey means the relic came from the Dodgers portion of a Blue Crew home uniform.


  1. Nice pick up. I figured you had picked up a Kemp when you commented over at the Rollie Fingers collector. I have to say I would never ever pay $400 to open a box of this stuff, but I really do like the look of these cards even if Panini can't use logos and seems not to want to deal with jersey colors either.

  2. Whoa... got lost in his eyes for a moment.

  3. Mark- Indeed, it could only be Matty! And yeah, a great design.

    Arno- How did I not think of that?

    Well played, Mauer.