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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Press That Red Button." "Is It Going To Kill Everyone?" "Press That Blue Button."

My favorite Archer 1/1 Sketch card that I've come across was an Artist's Proof of Doctor Algernop Krieger. I unfortunately couldn't lock it down, but I always keep my eyes open for original artwork of Krieger. The guy is just fantastic, and when this Jake Sumbing popped up, I gave it a good run. Fortunately, 11 bucks and some pocket change was enough to secure its place in my Archer Collection.

I seem to remember this being listed once before and selling, and if so, it makes me an even happier camper that it was re-listed and I was able to secure it for my PC. I can't get enough of Krieger -- voiced by Lucky Yates -- so here's a "Best of" video of the hilarious ISIS "doctor" and Maxim's 10 most insane Krieger creations.

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