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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Jason Heyward PC

As much as it pains me to root for anyone on this incarnation of the St. Louis Cardinals, they did just go out and acquire one of the most underrated players in baseball who hasn't even hit his prime yet. Jason Heyward is a guy I really like, and I assume they'll be able to sign him long-term after this upcoming season.

Black /25

Silver Auto, Black /25: Just Minors 8x10

Blue RC REF /199

If I could root for the guy while he was on the Atlanta Braves and playing with the insufferable Brian McCann, I think I can still pull for the individual that is J-Hey while simultaneously still loathing the Cards. And in fairness, that's really only because of their fans and the way certain St. Louis guys have acted around certain Dodgers that enjoy celebrating.

I know the Braves were worried about retaining Heyward and Shelby Miller has a really good arm and potential (and a more affordable contract) but I was quite shocked to see the Braves bail on Heyward.


  1. You're shocked at the move? I'm floored. Still am. I know it makes sense and I understand why the deal was made, but to "give up" on a guy that hasn't hit his potential as you said still blows me away.

  2. It hurts folks here in Atlanta even more for the fact that Heyward is a local boy and had made clear already that he would not provide a hometown discount. Kind of like the loathsome McCann wouldn't either.

  3. Sweet cards.

    I, too, was stunned at the news. I am also a big fan of J-Hey, but it's hard to root for him as a member of the Cards. Great move for both sides though.

  4. Seems like the Cardinals will make a big push to sign him long term. I've read several articles that his next contract may push 200mil if he has a good year this year. It could get really high if his power numbers come back. It seemed like a good deal for both teams.