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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Seeing Red (Hulk)

While I love comic book movies, particularly Marvel's The Avengers and their related offshoots, I was never a big comic book reader. I have a handful, and last year I made it a point to nab some 1960s or older issues featuring members of The Avengers, but the history of each character is not something I can immediately spit out and expand upon. I didn't let that stop me from keying in on the below sketch card from the 2014 Marvel Universe release put out by Rittenhouse Archives.

$7.49 with free shipping -- plus California sales tax, so about $8.15 or so if memory serves -- netted me this beautiful sketch card. The seller was holding a huge sale on his sketches, as this was originally around $25 or so before the discount. The price and artwork by Jamie Snell were too good of a combination to pass up.


  1. That's a good price for a high-quality sketch of a popular character. Nice pickup!

  2. I'm been friends with Jamie since I met him at Otakon 2002. Always love his sketches. Great dude too.