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Monday, December 15, 2014

For Half a Blaster: Ryan Getzlaf Upper Deck Artifacts Auto-Dual Relic #'d /12!

eBay is basically a fickle mistress. One day she sells a card for a crazy high amount while she lets it go for an insanely low price the next day. Then, it sells for what you would expect the day after that. It makes no sense, leaves you frustrated, and takes all of your money. I've experienced all three eBay outcomes, but recently had a big smile on my face when the below beauty sold for almost nothing.

I've been after a Ryan Getzlaf 2013-2014 UD Artifacts auto/dual relic, numbered out of 12, for some time. One never ended within my price range but somehow the above -- #'d 10/12 -- fell to me for the paltry sum of $10.50 delivered. It's the latest addition to my supercollection of The Captain, and it's not actually terribly centered, but simply looks the part because I sometimes suck at scanning.


  1. Is that one a sticker or on card? Looks on card, which makes the pickup even more sweet.

  2. Good deal for such a low numbered card!