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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Upper Deck Black Dual Marks of Obsidian: Getzlaf and Giguere Autos

Working two jobs has prevented me from posting as regularly as I once did, but it's a trade I'm happy to make right now. I still check out everyone's posts and have some really cool stuff to show. Today's entry is yet another Ryan Getzlaf pickup, one I've had my eyes on for a long, long time. Paired with J.S. Giguere -- the best goalie in Ducks' franchise history -- comes this gorgeous on-fabric signature:

Numbered 14/25, this dual auto-relic out of the Dual Marks of Obsidian subset of 2008-2009 Upper Deck Black was a card I had the opportunity to land a few times but could never succeed in locking down. Finally, another copy hit eBay from a big Getzlaf guy out of New York and my bid thankfully held true. The card was tough to get a good scan of but it's a real beaut in-person.

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