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Monday, February 9, 2015

My 2014 Cryptozoic Archer Master Set Is Now Complete (and Amazing)!

One of my major projects in 2014 was working on Cryptozoic's Archer set. A base set, three insert sets, a promo card, 15 autographs, and 4 Totally Fabricated Wardrobe Relics stood in my way of completion. I recently bought the last two cards I needed from my Archer supplier Kyle, who goes by the handle of neon_tiger. If you need anything non-sports, he's your man.

First up is a red "piece" from the ping pong paddle Sterling Archer wielded during the pilot episode Mole Hunt. I definitely wanted the swatch to be red, and it's a really fantastic scene overall. The second piece I picked up ran me the same amount as the paddle piece and also comes from the pilot.

The final card! The Master Set is complete! The "Pam's Dolphin Puppet" Totally Fabricated Wardrobe Relic, in-hand, completes this exceptionally enjoyable and interesting journey. It was very important for me to get this card with a pink swatch, and the scene it comes from is also the subject of my favorite Archer Sketch card in my PC, so it's an extra-special and fitting final card to secure.

The first of two sketches I also picked up from neon comes courtesy of artist Mike Legan. I've got a couple of Legans in my collection already, but what caught my eye about this one was getting two characters for the price of one. Krieger, my absolute favorite on the show, makes a cameo in this sketch which references maybe the best Archer episode of all-time, Placebo Effect (aka the Archer has breast cancer and raaaaampages episode).

The final card of my purchase is a new artist addition to my Archer Sketch Collection: Elvin Hernandez. Cheryl, as portrayed by Judy Greer, is one of my favorite characters and the threesome sketch cards are really the only variation amongst all of the sketches, so it was an easy choice for $12.

Kyle, you're the best! Thanks dude! Now, to nab more sketches!