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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2005 Bowman Chrome Refractor Auto, BGS 9/9 Auto: Matthew Ryan Kemp!

Today's post features a card that has already been posted on the blog. However, that showcased this beaut in raw form and it recently returned to me in a nice BGS slab after my good friend Dodger Penguin allowed me to submit a few cards with his batch. Grade wasn't the impetus behind sending the cards out; I simply wanted them better protected. With this being The Bison's premier rookie auto I liked the idea of slabbing it.

The card returns to the PTSIA household in a Mint 9 holder with the John Hancock also receiving a 9. The signature is a bit streaky I guess (who knows, it looks fine to me). The centering netted the worst sub-grade as an 8.5 and whomever graded the 5 cards I sent in really knocked all of them on centering, which I fully expected on one to two but not on the others.

Again, they are not cards I'm going to be moving but I do have to say that the grading seemed especially harsh on centering overall. Anyhoo, it's a wonderful upgrade to what was already a tremendous centerpiece of my Mattycakes' PC.

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  1. Graded or not... this is a great card. I'm waiting for an affordable copy on eBay to fall into my lap.