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Friday, June 10, 2022

A Well-Loved Addition To My Ty Cobb PC: 1921 Exhibits, PSA Authentic!

A while back I spotted a really beautiful vintage Ty Cobb on eBay. I believe there was an eBay Bucks promotion running at the time and I'd be lying if I said those offers did not often sway me and persuade me to spend money. Which, I mean, is the very point of their existence.

I pulled the trigger and am the happy owner of this beat and well-loved 1921 Exhibits offering, slabbed a PSA Authentic, of The Georgia Peach himself. I have always loved vintage cards in this general condition as they fall into my price-range and are more than enough for my liking. I would rather own a card like this -- clearly handled and enjoyed by an owner(s) somewhere along the way -- than go bankrupt trying to buy the nicest graded copy of the card. I want to own the card; I don't have the desire to own the grade.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

LeBron James Patch /25: 2009 Timeless Treasures Prime, PSA Graded Authentic

A long, long time ago I swapped cardboard with Charles from Hoopography. It took some time to complete the trade but we were both very happy at the end of the day and that effort was well worth it. I decided the card I acquired from him was a bit too large to not slab for added protection. It had resided in a mag for the longest time but I enjoy displaying graded cards and I am a firm believer in slabbing something for protective reasons alone.

As thick as this 2009 Timeless Treasures Prime Patch /25 of LeBron James is, I went the route of slapping a min grade on this card as I didn't want to get back a 5 or 6. I think the min grade was 8, but it's been some time. I'm more than happy with the straight "Authentic" designation as my main goal was ensuring the card's long-term safety. This remains one of my favorite cards because of how long I worked to make the trade happen as well as how awesome the patch is.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Mike Trout HR Ticket Tracker: # 204 Paired With SB # 167

I don't think these posts are enjoyable for anyone but me at this point but I love checking another off of the list with each one. Today's Trout HR Ticket Project entry is bomb number 204. Trout also swiped career bag number 167 during an April 2018 victory over the division rival A's.

Slabbed a PSA 4, it's box office stock and did not break the bank as will be the case with most of these. One of the many cool things about this long project is that most of these tickets will not be expensive so I don't have to kill my pocketbook too much along the way as I add Trouty after Trouty.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

From The 20th Win of Clayton Kershaw's 1st Cy Young Season....

While most of the tickets I own are Trout, LeBron, or vintage, I have not neglected the great Clayton Kershaw in my pursuit of entries into meaningful games or moments. Today's addition to my collection of stubs and fulls saw Kersh throw 7 innings of one-run ball while fanning 6 back in 2011. The fact that it came against the rival Giants....a cherry on top of the yummy sundae that was this game.

More important than just pitching really well, Clayton recorded Win number 20 in what would end up being the first of his three Cy Young Award campaigns (he also captured the pitching Triple Crown that season). I don't care a lick about Wins as an important statistical measure by which pitchers should be judged, but it is still a beautiful score in its PSA 6 form for my Kid K PC in addition to being a very affordable ticket to pick up.

Monday, June 6, 2022

A White Whale Secured: 2011 Topps Update Cognac Diamond Anniversary PSA 8 -- Mike Trout!!

Last year I decided to make a big purchase for myself. After some searching I landed on something I've always wanted: a parallel of Mike Trout's 2011 Topps Update rookie card. The base card has become quite iconic over the last half a decade and I was fortunate enough to nab one 7 years ago for no cost outside of the eventual ten bucks or so to grade it. The parallels, however, simply became out of my budget once I decided I could actually make the purchase.

eBay was my pusher in the end and I shelled out a really good amount for this beautiful Cognac Diamond Anniversary PSA 8. I snagged it below comps at the time but quickly realized the seller was a banned PSA customer. A management review was done and it was determined to be an 8 and not altered, as I had feared. Crisis averted and I was really thrilled to get it back and reholdered to boot.

This is easily the best and most valuable modern card I own and it's a piece that will never leave my Mike Trout PC so long as I live.