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Monday, December 10, 2018

A Rare 1 of 1 Vintage Roy Campanella: 1955 All-American Sports Club, PSA 7!

Today's one-card post is one I'm beyond excited to finally get posted. The below card was purchased raw in mid-January of this year. I stumbled across it on eBay and knew absolutely nothing about it or the set it came from. I did enough research to know the set existed, my guy was part of it, and it was rare to the point that VCP wasn't tracking it at the time. I decided to risk any possibility it wasn't real and make an offer. The seller accepted and I sent it off to PSA through work and waited.

And boy was I ever thrilled when it came back not only real but in a beautiful PSA 7 slab. This hand-cut Roy Campanella beaut hails from the 1955 All-American Sports Club set. The "cards" -- and I know some vintage collectors who dispute that these are in fact cards -- came on uncut sheets and featured athletes from numerous sports. The set is 500 deep and many have recently popped up graded by PSA as people find the sheets and cut them.

My Campy is the only PSA 7 in the population report and there is only one copy graded higher (a 9 that sold on eBay earlier this year). This is now the highest-graded Campy in my collection -- besting three PSA 6's -- and easily one of the most unique and rare pieces I own.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Arenado '13 Update and Kersh City

My friend and coworker Mike recently passed along a cool card I was interested in. Like the great guy he is, he simply let me have it rather than allow me to pay him.

Nolan Arenado is such a good player on both sides of the ball and I'm happy to add this 2013 Topps Update RC to my collection. Mike also passed along the cool Bowman's Best Kershaw below.

I snagged the 2009 Topps card -- a shot I've always really liked -- from some junk at work to replace a dinged one I already had in my Clayton Collection.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sandy Koufax Pickup: An Absolutely Gorgeous 1956 Topps White Back, SGC 4!

I recently pulled the trigger on a card I've always liked and wanted but never put much thought into actually buying. The price was right to start with, and when factoring in that eBay was running a 10% back in eBay Bucks promotion, the time to act was clearly the present.

This is one of the nicest VG-EX 4's I've ever seen. The front presents more in the 5.5 range and the overall grade is brought down by a couple of minor, minor back imperfections. I really like the '56 Topps set and this Koufax has been somewhere on my radar for years.

I've always liked it more than his rookie aesthetically-speaking although I'm warming to the look of the 1955 Topps offering more and more. This is without question the nicest vintage Koufax I have in my modest Sanford Braun collection.

This is also my first look in-person at the new SGC holders. I am a big fan.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Corey Seager Graded Rookie Pickup: 2014 Bowman Draft, Asia Black.

Here's a nice looking but lower-end Corey Seager rookie I recently snagged from work in a two-card purchase. Both cards were bought from the same customer and I instantly knew I would want both for myself. This was easily the cheaper of the two (the sweet Jimmie Foxx Batter-Up card I posted earlier in the week).

This is the Asia Black parallel of Seager's 2014 Bowman Draft Top Prospects card. It's been slabbed a PSA 9 and while it's more aesthetically-pleasing than it is valuable, they don't pop up graded for sale all that often.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Jimmie Foxx 1934 Batter-Up: PSA 2!

A customer who has been coming in about once every week and a half to sell off parts of his collection recently brought in a neat vintage oddball I knew I had to scoop up. I only had one card in my collection from this particular set and no cards of this player in-hand. I was more than happy to pay VCP on this gorgeous PSA 2 1934 Batter-Up of the one and only Jimmie Foxx!

Foxx has two cards in the Batter-Up set with this being far more affordable than the Boston version which also includes a different image. It presents exceedingly well for being slabbed a 2. The card comes in like 6 color variants but I believe this is the standard black tint (I'm colorblind so I take a pass on knowing these kind of things with any certainty). Bring me all the sweet, sweet vintage oddball goodness!