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Monday, November 9, 2020

1962 Mars Attacks # 3, PSA 4!

I was able to add another piece to my "going to take forever" project of building a 1962 Mars Attacks set in PSA 4 form. They don't pop up too often on eBay and I often forget to check more than once a month. The latter doesn't help my cause.

Here's card number 3 in the set: Attacking An Army Base. The artwork just continues to amaze me and put a giant smile on my face. This is my 6th of the 55 cards needed and with it I have officially crossed the 10% completion mark.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Buck Herzog T206 Pickup: New York VAR, Piedmont Back, Double Name, Slabbed a PSA 1.5 (MC)

I added another T206 to my slowly-growing collection with this Buck Herzog pickup. An eBay score, the most appealing thing to me was the sweet double-name at the top of the card. The card boasts good clarity and I genuinely can never have enough T206s in my collection. T206s > modern.

Herzog -- nicknamed "Choke 'Em Charley" -- played in four World Series and for four franchises (including a short stint as a player-manager). He grew cantaloupes; had a love-hate relationship with John McGraw; was assumed to be Jewish by many during his career; was once traded for three HOFers including Christy Mathewson; once fought Ty Cobb; and faced hard times later in life following a stint with the B&O Railroad and time spent working at a racetrack. 

Monday, November 2, 2020


It's been a while since I posted....what can I say, 2020 is all sorts of insanity. But there has finally been some semblance of normalcy with the greatest sports news I could possibly think of:


I will enjoy this moment for the rest of my life. It only took 31 years for me to experience this wonderful and amazing occurrence -- I was born in 1989, 10 months after they won in '88....and I'll let you do the math and figure out the importance of that 10 months -- and it was worth the wait! The feeling of seeing that final strike and knowing my absolute favorite team, my truest sports love, had accomplished the ultimate goal....well, it was exhilarating and emotional all at once.

But this blog despite my long absences is a card/collectibles blog for the last decade, so what would today's celebratory post be without a card of the 2020 World Series and NLCS MVP, Mr. Corey Drew Seager.

I have been after this 2016 Topps Transcendent auto for a long, long time. They were well out of my range 4 years ago but time and a few unfortunate injuries Seager had to deal with brought prices down to Earth. A wonderful birthday gift from my wonderful girlfriend covered over half the cost and I can finally enjoy this bad boy in-person.

This copy has been slabbed a BGS 9.5 with a 10 auto and is numbered 46/52. The case has some issues -- scratches and a small crack -- but the card is magnificent. An on-card auto, a simple portrait in the circle, and the gold border really shines and pops up close and personal.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Corey Seager Signed First Home Run Full Ticket, Slabbed PSA/DNA!

Here's a very unique addition that is a first for any of my collections. I randomly came across this on eBay and couldn't resist for what was an affordable price. I've been a big fan of Corey Seager since I learned about his existence as a Dodger and while I don't buy much modern cardboard anymore, this served as a chance to add an autograph and a really interesting piece of Seager's pro history.

Seager hit the blast against the man featured in the ticket, then D-Backs' righty Josh Collmenter. I love that he signed in bold blue and I love that it's a full ticket.

The ticket has an auto grade of 9, which was irrelevant to me when I found this. It's not the most important item but it's a unique addition to my Seager PC all the same.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Yet Another Random Vintage Pickup: 1950 Bromide Japanese -- Takeshi Doigaki, SGC 20

This is the final item I scored from a recent Hake's Auction and the second of two Bromides I ended up with. This one is 6 years older but is also a Black & White Type II Premium (who knows, maybe most fit that description). Either way it was affordable and unique which tend to be enough to make me interested in vintage.

Slabbed an SGC 20 (#SGCKing....thanks Tim!) here is Takeshi Doigaki. According to Baseball Reference he was the top catcher in Japanese ball after WWII (he missed three years while fighting in said war) which makes this an even cooler pickup than I had originally realized.