Thursday, May 23, 2024

A Shoeless Joe Jackson Is Finally Mine!

It only took well over a decade of collecting for me to finally land a piece featuring a baseball legend and tough hobby target: Shoeless Joe Jackson. I almost certainly could have picked up more conventional items for reasonable prices had I focused on this goal earlier on, but things happen and players are missed. Owning one now is better than not owning one at all.

I can always find a card down the road when money is more plentiful or the market allows, but for now this sweet 1911 Spalding Guide Baseball Team page pairing the Cleveland Naps and Boston Red Sox will certainly do. Shoeless Joe only has but so many items and none are that affordable, so oddball was likely always going to be the direction I went in. I am a huge fan of these Spalding pages so adding one was always a solid path to finding a Jackson piece to add to my collection.

The added bonus of Joe bringing along some recognizable friends in Cy Young, Nap Lajoie, Addie Joss, Elmer Flick, and Harry Hooper was icing on the random vintage goodness cake.

Friday, May 17, 2024

A Modern Jackie Robinson Card

A rare modern item is today's featured piece of cardboard. Back when I still worked at PSA I went through a phase of submitting a lot of stuff I would not submit today. I was bored, it was Covid, and I was working a ton so more money was coming into my pockets. If I thought it would be cool in a slab I sent it in.

And then PSA decided to PSA and this awesome Jackie Robinson 2018 Allen & Ginter mini returned as a 10....but incorrectly labeled. Why would anyone working there in multiple departments know that the A&G back is a variation and it needs to be on the label itself? Of course they wouldn't -- it's not a billion-dollar industry-leading card company or anything that we're talking about.

And it's not like PSA has multiple departments who handle every card and could catch such a mistake, saving me from having to send it back in for a mechanical error. The card eventually returned correct, but if it sounds like I'm annoyed after seeing dumb shit like this for years while working there....well, you'd be correct in feeling that about my mood with that company.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

T206 Add: SGC Kaiser Wilhelm, with Bat

Here's the final T206 I subbed with SGC from my initial foray into their grading services. Kaiser Wilhelm has two poses in the set and as a Dodger he was always going to be an essential player for me to fully acquire and add to my Monster PC.

The Kaiser Hands at Chest pose happens to be the first ever T206 I landed over 11 years ago so it is only fitting that card is finally paired up alongside the With Bat version. I like this one a lot more based on the color and the pose itself, although the pitching card is nice as well.

Kaiser hated the nickname Kaiser; holds the disputed minor league record for consecutive scoreless innings with over 70; was a teammate of Honus Wagner in the Interstate League; threw a spitball and did not want to pitch on Sundays for religious reasons; and ended his career as a scout and coach, including stints as Philadelphia Phillies' and University of Rochester skipper.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1918 Spalding Baseball Guide Team Page

My posting has been much more sporadic than I had hoped for, but I suppose working 10 hour shifts has contributed to that. I will be back to a standard five day a week shift for the foreseeable future so my goal is a post a week at a bare minimum. If I continue picking up these sweet Spalding Baseball Guide pages from the 1910s and 1920s featuring my main man Zack Wheat, that likely won't be too difficult a mark to hit.

Today's 1918 page features a dozen members of the Dodgers -- or Robins, if we want to be technically accurate -- including the main attraction, Zack. Joining my collection centerpiece is Rube Marquard, Jake Daubert, and Casey Stengel.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Joy Of A Completed Set: Archer Sketch Cards -- Jen Montes and Her Fantastic Work Is The Last Piece of The Puzzle!!

Today's piece of artsy goodness completes a journey that has spanned 10-ish years, three Presidents, five jobs, and a ton of time and energy and effort and money. It's been an incredibly rewarding project full of fun and anxiousness and amazing artwork. The journey has consistently reminded me how wonderful 14 seasons of Archer was and will continue to be with every re-watching I do. These sketches are cornerstones of my entire collection and will never leave me.

Season 4, Episode 3 -- "Legs"


While today's featured sketch is from the last artist I needed in order to have one of each of the 58 talented individuals to contribute to the set, I will continue to seek out new pieces for my Archer Sketch PC. The above Krieger came from the same longtime dealer who has sold me dozens of the sketch cards I own; he sold me the April Babcock from last month. He let me know he had access to both and I could reach out when I was ready. I did not wait long to claim them and in the end spent exactly $0 out of pocket to pick both of them up.

Jen Montes, now Jen Garcia, is the phenomenal artist responsible for this gorgeous piece of cardboard. She only had about 12 sketches in the entire product and with that limited of a selection my chances of ever landing one were very slim, particularly as time went on and it became clear just how rare her work was. Had I bought one of her sketch cards 10 years ago, it almost certainly would have been under $100 and even that would have been high. Under $50 would have been the expected price -- and I spent way more than that in 2024.

The price was well worth it though, and not simply because it completes the artist run, but because her work is incredible and I may never see another one again. Add on the joy of it being a Krieger piece and I am even more thrilled with what my patience yielded in the long, long, long run.

And with that, my Archer Sketch Card Project is complete! I will still pick up awesome sketch cards when they present themselves or when the price is right. If I can one day find a way to photograph one from each artist in a big wrap-up picture, I will most definitely do so with glee.