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Thursday, January 26, 2023

22 All Around For Clayton Kershaw

When you have a collecting addiction you find the weirdest stuff on late-night eBay hunts. The pandemic only added to the amount of time I had at home and that combo is how you end up searching for a ticket to the 22nd career victory for Clayton Kershaw. The symmetry is nice, no doubt, but is there a need?

While it's a unique item to search out, looking at Clayton's line in the contest and who adorns the front of the ticket makes it a super cool pickup in my eyes. Kid K went 8 strong innings, whiffing 12 Cubs and allowing just two runs in a one-run triumph on July 8th of 2010. PSA gave it a lovely 9 and my other Dodger favorite, Matt Kemp, makes an appearance to sweeten the deal.

A fine find for my collection of fulls and stubs!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

1934 Quaker Oats Premium Photo Pickup: The One and Only Babe Ruth!!

I've always gravitated towards oddball issues for some reason. I can't explain it but finding a weird food issue or regional issue brings a fun and joyous aspect to the pickup beyond just adding a card I like to whatever collection relates to said acquisition. Today's featured item certainly fits the bill of excellent pickup with the oddball background:

This stunning 1934 Quaker Oats Premium Photo of the Great Bambino is a wonderful addition to my Sultan of Swat PC. It's not a new pickup by any means -- I bought this raw off of eBay and had it graded and in-hand all before late 2020/early 2021 -- but I had totally forgotten about posting it. I bought this so long ago they were actually affordable and undervalued by the hobby despite their sheer awesomeness. Their affordability has long gone away but the beauty still remains.

I love the post-swing pose and facsimile auto on this piece, as well as the oversized nature of the premium and it being a promotional piece one could acquire through Quaker Oats by joining "Babe Ruth's Base Ball Club" as the writing at the bottom indicates. Babe was heavily promoted by Quaker Oats after becoming a spokesman and the company put out a ton of collectible items, including the metal pin I posted about in March of '22.

Here's the back of this highly condition-sensitive piece. It's very susceptible to cracking and creasing which has never really bothered me as I like the idea that some kid joined the club in the '30s, received this in the mail, and enjoyed the hell out of owning it....

...just as I have and will continue to do so!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Mike Trout HR Ticket Tracker: # 308

Following up with yesterday's post is another addition to the Trout PC and the Trout HR Ticket PC. April 21st of 2021 saw a bomb off the bat of The Millville Meteor as the Angels fell to Texas. For my purposes however, the game was a winner.

Homer number 308 returned from Orange County in a PSA 9 slab.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Mike Trout HR Ticket Tracker: # 307

Another piece to the lifelong Mike Trout HR Ticket Project is secured with this 2021 offering from an Angels' victory over the Rangers on April 20th (lol). With PSA pricing on tickets at a very high level and my employee discount no longer a possibility, I haven't been as active in chasing these but I did land a few before leaving Collectors early in 2022.

Career jack number 307 returned in a beautiful PSA 10 slab after submission. If only I had focused more of my attention and funds on my Mike Trout Collection in general years earlier....oh, what could have been!

Friday, January 20, 2023

Original Artwork from Val Hochberg -- Sam Wilson, Captain America!

I recently made a large purchase of original art from the awesome Val Hochberg. Val contributed to the 2014 Cryptozoic Archer Sketch cards that I've been collecting/hoarding for near a decade and I spotted a couple of Artist Proofs on her website. Those will be showcased at a later date but while I was there I also saw she had a lot of amazing creations available. I simply could not resist.

There was a heavy Marvel theme to my purchase of original art and what better way to start off than with Captain America/Falcon himself, Sam Wilson! I really enjoyed The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and I was pumped to see Sam in his combo Captain America/Falcon suit was still available on her site. The fighting pose, big smile, and vibrant colors are a winning combo in my book.

The scan looks good but doesn't even do justice to how awesome this piece is!

I can't wait until I move and get an office/card room setup completed as this bad boy is going into a frame and right on the wall in what will end up being a corner filled entirely with Val's artistic excellence!