Friday, August 25, 2023

One Down, Three To Go

I was able to add one more artist to my collection of Cryptozoic Archer Sketch Cards. In so doing, it might also be the last artist I ever cross off of my needs list as the final three are three of the four most difficult to track down on the 58 person checklist. I snagged two more sketches I liked in the deal, as I really can't help myself when they are available.

The new addition that was needed is this Juno Sanchez offering. Juno seems to have crafted a number of the cards with Cheryl Tunt as the subject. I can't find a ton of info on Juno, and at this point, I'm just happy to cross them off of my list.

I wasn't going to let an awesome Conway Stern from Dan Gorman escape my grasp. I'm a big fan of Dan's work and I always enjoy a new Conway piece coming my way. The prominent Star of David necklace sealed the deal.

Lastly, how could I possibly resist a Cheryl being choked (while beaming ear to ear) by Kreiger's Choke Bot? I couldn't resist, obviously, and this Jeremy R. Scott creation was the third and final part of the purchase.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

April 18th, 1948: Roy Campanella "Debuts" -- PSA 2 Stub!

Here's an item I never even considered owning as I never considered its existence being a thing. I somehow stumbled upon it up on eBay and quickly threw a bid on without giving it much thought, as it was already PSA graded and I knew it was rare and not something I would come across many more times, if at all. A reasonable sum of money later and this beauty was mine and instantly becomes one of the more unique pieces in my Roy Campanella PC.

Before he laced up the cleats in an official MLB game a few days after this stub was put into use, Campy appeared in a New York-centric Exhibition game between the Dodgers and the Yankees held at Yankee Stadium. I have not been able to locate a box score for the game but knowing it's a Roy Debut of sorts and is about as rookie as rookie gets is a great feeling.

PSA has graded a grand total of three of these stubs, with my 2 being the only 2 and the highest graded of them all. Oh, and I did locate a great photo of another participant in the exhibition, and said photo is attributed to that very day. One Jack Roosevelt Robinson was just beginning his second campaign alongside the rookie backstop of my Dodger dreams.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

A Crap-ton More Archer Sketch Cards!

I've got another bulk purchase of amazingly awesome Archer Artist Proof Sketch Cards to showcase today. These come courtesy of Clayton McCormack and feature his distinctive and fantastic art. He quickly became one of my favorite artists in the product and his work is represented more than any of the various artists I've collected over the years. A few messages back and forth and we worked out a great deal for both parties!

My favorite sketch of the bunch is easily this depiction of Krieger snorting MSG off of Pam's stomach. I love a unique sketch and after 10 years I've seen almost every scene of note put onto cardboard. Many of the more memorable ones have been crafted by more than one artist. This scene, one of the weirdest and funniest of the entire show, is a first for my eyes and I'm thrilled to add it to the PC.

The episode it references is "Skorpio" -- number 6 in Season 1.

Sketch number two is another addition to my collection of Kriegers. Krieger high on cocaine modding a gun is a super funny scene and it's the second displaying that moment that I've been able to acquire.

The third acquisition is a brand new character and one I've been anxious to see come my way: Seamus! Archer's not actually son drinking some alcohol is the usual Seamus you see -- unless it's Seamus with a tattoo. New members of the ArcherVerse are very hard to come by at this stage in the game.

I somehow don't have a lot of Ray Gillette sketches but I always enjoy finding and snatching them up. I love everything about Ray and this one from Clayton refers to another one of those underutilized show moments. Episode 5 of Season 3 -- "El Contador" -- chronicles three characters needing to flush the recreational drugs out of their system prior to office drug testing. Ray recalls his partying at a club, and this is the result of his mini-flashback:

An oft-drawn part of Season 2's "A Going Concern" (Episode 2) is Pam Poovey after a trip to Jamaica rocking the cornrows and some good weed. As Pam says about herself while enjoying some Mary Jane....she's a real Blob Marley. #RastaPam

Next is a great close-up of Barry Dylan and Other Barry after his cyborg transformation. Pictured in his classic red track suit, I dig the bits of flesh peeled away to reveal the machine below the man.

The final pair from this buy both feature Cheryl Tunt in perhaps her two most common states: being choked during sex and ingesting copious amounts of glue. Any sketch with Carol being choked ranks high in my book for the simple fact that it's a ridiculously hilarious plot point, so seeing it on a licensed trading card is incredible. This is my second McCormack showcasing Cheryl's glue addiction.

I was so happy to see Clayton not only had APs remaining but had 8 as I was under the impression that artists received 6 APs max from Cryptozoic. However, the fun didn't stop there as one more item fell out of the package and surprised me.

A custom card! This beautiful rendering of Sterling Archer himself was completely unexpected and is entirely appreciated. I truly love Clayton's work so this bonus has a permanent and wonderful home with me!

Many thanks again CM!

Friday, August 4, 2023

America. Captain America.

Another day, another random addition to my very small collection of Marvel cardboard. You can't go wrong with Captain America if you're a Marvel/MCU fan, so getting at least one of his 1970s stickers slabbed was a necessity.

This is one of the blurbs I truly adore; it just hits the mark for any era and generation, in my opinion. A strong 7 from the folks at PSA is a nice cherry on top of the vintage non-sport sundae.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

"Tammy, I Was Approaching Infertility When I Met You, But There Is Still Time."

One of my favorite tertiary characters on Rick and Morty is Birdperson. He checks all of the correct boxes for me -- weird, not too ridiculously unbelievable, funny lines, and a great story. My sketch love is 100% focused on Archer searches and scores but I allow myself a saved eBay search for Rick and Morty so I can snag the occasional good deal I stumble upon.

This pickup was a good deal and having one Birdperson was always going to be a must. The artist did not strike me as familiar (Rusty? Rustico?) but their artwork on this Cryptozoic release is absolute fantastic.