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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Julio Urias: 2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect RC Auto, BGS 9/10 AU

An update on a card previously posted. I recently got my batch of cards back from BGS, and here's the first one to be recapped. I'm fairly positive our group got the world's toughest grader on corners and this card shows it with an 8.5 sub for the corners. There is a small issue with a back corner but I also believe a few cards came back worse than they were when they left my collection. I know Dodger Penguin, who submitted for me again, feels the same way on his cards.

I don't hate 9s by any means, but if I think a grader is wrong or may have worsened an issue when handling the card, it just irks me. I'm not parting with this Julio Urias rookie signature anyways so I can certainly live with it, but it's the principle of it. Or something like that.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Happy 32nd Birthday, Ryan Getzlaf!

I'm fairly positive I haven't been as nervous as I was tonight in months. The Ducks advance to the Western Conference Finals on the back of The Captain, Ryan Getzlaf. Getzy turns 32 today and has had a truly dominant postseason thus far. I could show my 32 favorite cards of him, but I don't have that much energy. So here are a few I like quite a bit.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Mike Provides The PC Pickups.

A quick shout-out to my good buddy and coworker Mike who recently passed along some awesome additions to four of my main collections.

A brand new Kersh and a great-looking card of Corey Seager.

A pair of fantastic Mattycakes' cards.

And finally, four new Russ Martins.

Thanks as always Mike!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trade With My Cardboard Habit: A Gorgeous Julio Urias Gold Label Auto!

I completed my fourth trade with Judson of the fantastic My Cardboard Habit. You can check out the first here, second here, and third here. Judson and I have been sending bubblers back and forth and this time around I knew I had to find a lot for him as he sent me a fantastic addition to my modest Julio Urias PC.

This beaut is the Black Frame parallel out of 2016 Topps Gold Label -- one of my top five products of the year -- and is numbered 28/50. It will eventually head to BGS for slabbing.

Judson wasn't done as he sent along a handful of really cool additions to various collections, starting with the Seagers you see above. Bowman's Best was easily my favorite release of 2016.

A pair of new Kershaw cards with the right being a refractor.

If only Kenta Maeda could find consistency on the mound. Even last year he struggled with that far too often. Although I guess technically that makes him consistently inconsistent.

Finally, a few more Julios as he's set to make his 2017 debut tonight. The middle is another refractor and I dig the Heritage (this is at least my second copy of it).

As always Judson, you've outdone yourself! Thanks again buddy!

Monday, April 24, 2017

1952 Topps Roy Campanella, PSA 1!

An update on a card I posted to close out 2016. I sent my '52 Topps High-Number Roy Campanella in through work to PSA for the slab treatment and it recently returned from Newport Beach. I only submitted it because it's a card that is so vital to my Campy PC that I don't want to risk any harm coming its way and have to find another one in my price range. Safety first, kids.

I knew this beaut would never grade higher than a 1 but there was a small part of me that was worried PSA would only give it an Authentic and that would have disappointed me. Thankfully they gave it the appropriate grade and this bad boy is never leaving me for anything, ever.