Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Finally Securing A Jim Thorpe!!

Picking up a playing-era item -- something, anything -- of Jim Thorpe has always been an in the background goal of my vintage collecting heart. It's never been a goal I have put a particularly large amount of energy and effort into. If I'm being frank, I've never really put any energy and effort into it. I was recently able to finally cross that desire off of my long-term needs list by happenstance when the below crossed by my eBay screen and I jumped at the chance.

I've been buying and posting a lot of Spalding Baseball Guide Pages as they are affordable, oddball, and often allow a bunch of players to be acquired at once. It's the perfect combination of qualities for my collecting tastes and I went back to the well once more for this Thorpe.

Pairing the multi-sport generational athletic talent with John McGraw, Fred "Boner" Merkle, Red Faber, and others, this is the perfect piece to scratch my need for a Wa-Tho-Huk itch. While there is significant damage to the left-hand side, Jim's image and name are completely untouched.

It's a wonderful addition to my vintage collection.

Friday, February 23, 2024

That One Time Ron Perlman Voiced A Gay Latino Former Fidel Castro Spy

Today's post is a brand new character being added to my collection of 1 of 1 Archer Sketch Cards. That rarely happens after a decade of chasing so when the opportunity presents itself I simply can't afford to pass it up. My usual Archer plug came through yet again with today's acquisition and the next sketch I will write up and share in the coming weeks.

Elvin A. Hernandez is the artist and two-episode superstar Ramon Limon is the addition. Both Limon episodes are absolutely stellar. Based on his relationship with Archer, this sketch being an "in bed threesome" offering is very appropriate and just added to the necessity in nabbing it when it went 50% off the list price.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1920s Universal Toy Oddball Score - SGC Auth!

Today's addition to my Zack Wheat PC is a long, long time coming. I've owned this card for at least half a decade but could not get PSA to slab it. They had their reasons, and I simply disagreed with them. Had I been a more important customer, I truly believe they would have slabbed it originally. So I waited and waited and decided to send it in with my recent maiden voyage on the SGC Train.

Thankfully the folks at SGC are open to recognizing a set featuring numerous Hall of Famers, including the one and only Mr. Wheat. The simple portrait shot of Buck smiling on this circa 1920s Universal Toy offering makes it one of my oddball favorites. It returned as an Authentic and as I believe these all originated as panels, hand-cut Authentic is what these should only be graded as.

I purchased an already slabbed Walter Johnson sometime after the Wheat, and nabbing the Ty Cobb is a goal I hope to one day achieve. That, and a panel with Wheat if I ever stumble upon one.

Friday, February 16, 2024

A Ty Cobb Type 1 Vintage Photo From Ty Cobb's Own Collection? Hell Yes!

My love of Type 1 Original Photographs continues to be strong and a primary driving force behind my collecting. I check a few sources often and when a beautiful vintage photo pops up that also aligns with one of my player PCs, I make a concerted effort to lock it down. Today's featured photo fits that bill and I was absolutely thrilled to scoop it up off of eBay a couple of years ago.

Tyrus Cobb is in the building! This stunner was available online for some time before I pulled the trigger. I wanted it from the beginning but it was pricey and I was hoping there might be a price reduction from the seller if it sat long enough. Eventually I rationalized that the small amount it might be discounted did not outweigh missing out on it entirely.

This circa 1927 image of Cobb as a member of the Philadelphia Athletics is extra special because of the man he is standing near and what he signifies in relation to the Georgia Peach. The other man is Fielding H. Yost, head coach of the Michigan Wolverines football team who led the school to six National Championships.

Yost and Cobb are together in this photo because the A's were in Detroit for Ty's first game back after leaving the Tigers. It was a true celebration on "Ty Cobb Day" and Yost is sporting a ribbon on his jacket with that phrase. I love the photo itself, the story behind it, and the Philadelphia elephant mascot on Cobb's uniform being prominently displayed.

The other draw to this photo that certainly played a role in the amount of cash I had to shell out is that Cobb actually owned it. The photo comes with a letter of provenance from a woman whose grandfather was a close personal friend of Ty after they met as teenage teammates. He gifted his friend the photo and it eventually made it down to the young lady. Owning a piece of Cobb history from Cobb himself was just too good to pass up!

Monday, February 12, 2024

A Sandy Koufax Rookie Year Pickup!

This post is titled very carefully as I know not everybody considers rookie year items that aren't Topps or Bowman to be actual rookie cards. I am more lenient in my definition of rookie and fully consider today's Dandy Sandy score to be a full-fledged rookie card.

I really love the 1955 Golden Stamps set. A number of different teams are featured; you can buy them already removed from the book or buy a full and complete book; and the Dodgers' offering features Campy, Jackie, Hodges, Snider, Podres, and a host of other great and memorable players. The Koufax is a beautiful in the stretch shot with blue sky in the background that works oh so well on a Blue Crew card.

This PSA 4 was had on eBay for less than other lower-graded copies had sold for. I wish it had been slabbed better by PSA considering how easily these can slide around the holder without interior ridges being present. It moved in transit and arrived pinched at a corner, an extremely annoying thing I will live with (what with the grade already being on the lower end of the spectrum to begin with).

It's a most welcome addition to my minor and modest Sandy Koufax PC.