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Friday, February 16, 2018

LaDainian Tomlinson: Patriotic PSA 8x10

I don't know how this never got posted but I was looking through some stuff and came to the realization that I never scanned this in after purchasing it through work many, many, many months ago. I didn't get a huge break buying direct from Mill Creek but any break is a good break in my book.

My all-time favorite football player and a truly tremendous shot. The photo is PSA/DNA authenticated and ignoring the truly horrific line through the middle that my scanner still does on every scan, it's an amazing centerpiece for my LaDainian Tomlinson PC.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Hans Moleman Simpsons Sketch!

My buddy was back in the shop this weekend and drew me another fantastic Simpsons custom sketch card. He asked who I wanted and I told him to pick anyone he wanted to draw. He snickered while sketching which I've never heard him do before so I knew it had to be someone absolutely hilarious and awesome.

Boy, was I right. As he delves into sketching every Simpsons' character ever we're going to get into some classic townspeople and Hans Moleman is right up there in terms of classic and funny. He told me he picked Hans because he'd been drawing him all week long for the episode he's currently working on. It's an excellent addition to my Simpsons PC and the next character he's going to bring to life has me even more excited.

Thanks Davy!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

A 1981 Dodgers Yearbook

My coworker and great friend Mike recently passed along a cool item as he had multiple copies and thought I would enjoy one. I do, and as so often is the case, the art is the best part of it.

This 1981 Dodgers Yearbook features Steve Garvey and Dusty Baker high-fiving. Baker and former Dodger Glenn Burke -- an important figure in his own right for non-baseball related reasons -- are credited with "inventing" the high-five. Championship year Dodgers' stuff is always extra cool in my book.

Thanks as always Mike!

Friday, February 9, 2018

1953 Wire Photo: Roy Campanella, Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, and A Turkey Dinner (PSA Authenticated)!

This is definitely one of the more unique items in my entire collection but it's also one of the absolute favorite things I own and I like it even more after looking it over in-hand. I spotted this item up for auction in one of the daily searches I run on Roy Campanella and thankfully the bidding stayed reasonable enough that I was able to lock it down.

My first wire photo! One of the major selling points was the PSA slab -- much thinner than I anticipated -- as I wasn't at all familiar with wire photos and how to figure out whether or not they were original and time-appropriate as opposed to reprints from the 80s and beyond.

The biggest selling point though, of course, was who was featured in said wire photo. My main man Campy joins forces with Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese in an epic display of Dodger greatness. The photo is from 1953 (Roy's second of three MVP seasons!) and depicts then Dodgers' GM Buzzy Bevasi hand-feeding Pee Wee a turkey leg as the other two guys look on.

The photo goes into great detail to describe the scene. All three players had just signed contracts with the turkey dinner part of their bonus. Looking at the salaries each would make is also fascinating to me and this wire photo tells us Jackie and Reese would make $40,000 a piece while Roy would reel in a cool $25,000 for his efforts. It's an amazingly cool addition to my Campy Collection.

Here's the back and I really like that the holder describes what each type of photograph is. This is a Type III; per PSA, it's "a 2nd generation photograph, developed from a duplicate negative or wire transmission, during the period (within approximately two years of when the picture was taken)."

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1925 Universal Toys & Novelty Brooklyn Robins Team Card Hand-Cut, PSA 1!

When I landed the Zack Wheat card from the '25 Universal Novelty Toys set I also scooped up a couple more cards along the way. I didn't expect to win the below but I'd never seen it and as so often happens my bid held up in the end.

Wheat is somewhere within that group of old-timey Robins/Dodgers. The back is blank and the card is the epitome of poor as it's missing a corner, has numerous creases, and even has a tear or two. But damn is it ever cool in its oversized glory. It is a most welcome addition to the Wheat Collection indeed.

My favorite discoveries as I've looked over this team card are the young child in the front row and the team (?) dog which I suppose must have been a mascot. It also appears as if this photo was taken on the yard at a penitentiary.