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Friday, October 19, 2018

Trade With Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits: Getting Gobs of Ginter

I recently completed a massive trade -- and my fourth overall -- with Matt from the great Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits. You can check out the first here, second here, and third here. Matt busts a case of Ginter every year and I am way behind on filling the various needs I still have from numerous years of A&G. Matt made sure to take care of a giant chunk of what was remaining.

DAAAAAAMN. Here's the breakdown of the bountiful bounty you see above:
  • 2018 Base + SPs: 158 cards
  • 2018 Fantasy Goldmine: 20 cards
  • 2018 World Talent: 13 cards
  • 2018 Baseball Equipment of The Ages: 11 cards
  • 2018 Magnificent Moons: 4 cards (insert set complete!)
  • 2018 World's Greatest Beaches: 4 cards (insert set complete!)
  • 2017 Base + SPs: 80 cards
  • 2017 What A Day!: 26 cards
  • 2017 World's Fair: 5 cards (insert set complete!)
  • 2017 Revolutionary Battles: 4 cards (insert set complete!)
  • 2015 Hoist The Black Flag: 5 cards
  • 2015 Mythological Menaces: 3 cards
  • 2015 Magnates, Barons, and Tycoons: 3 cards
  • 2015 Starting Points: 1 card
  • 2015 Menagerie Of The Mind: 2 cards (insert set complete!)
  • 2015 What Once Was Believed: 1 card (insert set complete!)
  • 2014 Larger Than Life: 1 card
  • 2014 Outlaws, Bandits, & All-Around Ne'er Do Wells: 1 card
That's 6 insert sets completed and gigantic chunks of everything else remaining knocked off in one fell swoop.

Matt, you're a mensch! I hope you enjoy what I sent your way. If you think it's not enough please let me know and I'll find more to make things as equivalent as I can!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Just Stamp The Ticket Man Sketch

My buddy who works on The Simpsons was back in the shop and surprised me with a new sketch card addition to the ever-expanding Springfield I'm building. What he didn't know is that he would completely stump me on the character. He wanted to go oddball and minor character and boy did he ever as I can't recall Just Stamp The Ticket Man to save my life.

After YouTubing him I can remember some of the episodes but for whatever reason he still doesn't ring a bell. But damn if he didn't have some funny moments and lines in said episodes. It's a super cool and unique addition to the collection and that's what I love about a show like The Simpsons. It's not just the main or even secondary characters that matter and make the show what it has been for so long.

Thanks as always amigo!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Chief Meyers 1909-11 T206: Sweet Caporal Back, Fielding Pose, PSA 1

I was able to add another beautiful T206 to the collection recently for under a blaster and a half. I was even able to knock off five bucks with a timely eBay coupon. The newest addition is none other than Chief Meyers, who primarily played for the Giants but ended up spending two seasons with the Brooklyn Robins including a trip to the 1916 World Series.

Meyers, as with just about every other player of his time who had Native American blood in him, garnered the nickname Chief. He was a California native who attended Dartmouth. He served as the primary battery mate for Christy Mathewson; served in WWI; and became a police chief after baseball.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Corey Seager Pickup: 2016 Topps RC Rainbow Foil Parallel, BGS 9.5!

My boss has been buying a customer's new leftovers for the last month plus. The guy busts a ton of new product and buys a lot of new singles, with some Corey Seager goodness showing up every now and then. After one sale he threw in the below and I knew it had to find a home in my ManBearSeag PC. After trading in some stuff with a little cash, I took this beaut home.

It's the Rainbow Foil parallel of Corey's 2016 Topps RC. It's been slabbed a BGS 9.5 and makes for a modest but sweet addition to my Corey Collection.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Judah Jack "Kid" Berg: 1938 Knockout Razor Blades F.C. Cartledge Prize Fighters: PSA 8!

I found a card while rummaging through a collection at work that my boss had purchased. I instantly knew I needed to own it and after trading in a few items, the beaut was mine along with a couple other cards I had my eyes on.

Here's Jack "Kid" Berg from the 1938 Knockout Razor Blades F.C. Cartledge set. What first attracted me to the card was the Star of David on his trunks. Some cursory research reveals he always boxed with the Star on his trunks although he was more culturally Jewish than religiously Jewish. That's the same for me, which makes me like the guy even more.

Berg is a fascinating guy. He was the World Junior Welterweight Champion in 1930; the British Lightweight Champion in 1934; finished with a record of 157-26-9 with 57 knockouts; owned a restaurant, became a film stunt man, and joined the British Royal Air Force post-boxing; and may have had an affair with Mae West.

I don't have much vintage boxing but I enjoy picking up a single here and there if the card speaks to me on some level. Berg, a boxing HOFer, fits that criteria.