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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jeff Weaver To Start Wednesday (What A Shock) ((UPDATES))

Jeff Weaver gets the start for the Dodgers against Tim Lincecum and the Giants on Wednesday. This really wasn't that hard to see. Torre likes veterans, and Weaver is a veteran. The start should have gone to James McDonald, Scott Elbert, or the just-called-up Charlie Haeger. Haeger will be the long-man for the Dodgers in Wednesday's game.

Is that the face of a man who inspires confidence? That's what I thought.

Here's hoping someone talks Torre into using logic, and we see El Knuckleballero starting tomorrow with Weaver as the long-man (or long-gone-man, I'd be down with that).

God speed Chad Billingsley, God speed. May your hamstrings heal faster than any hamstrings have ever healed before.

UPDATE: Weaver went 3 innings, allowing 4 baserunners (2 Hits, 2 BB) while striking out 3. He threw 61 pitches, 39 for strikes. I was against Weaver starting, but considering he was actually pitching fairly well for 3 innings, why not let him continue? Torre instead chose to use 5 relievers after the 3rd inning (5 up until now, the top of the 10th. No doubt we'll see at least one more).

UPDATE 2: That next reliever was Guillermo Mota. A shocking ending, really shocking. Like "Hey, that kick to my groin hurt!" shocking.

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