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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Links On A Thursday Afternoon

Bill Plaschke archives at Fire Joe Morgan. [FJM]

John Smoltz to the Dodgers? [Yahoo! Sports MLB Rumors]

One of the worst pieces of journalism ever seen by man, ripped apart by Junior from FJM. Come back FJM, please come back. [Gamer/Non-Gamer]

An interesting article from Baseball Prospectus about Dodger-killer (190 Games, .293/.393/.526/.919, 38 HR, 109 BB, 79 XBH) Todd Helton's HOF candidacy. [Baseball Prospectus]

Vicente Padilla to the Dodgers? Why exactly? [Yahoo! Sports MLB Rumors]
  • The most idiotic part of this "rumor":
After all, there isn't a ton of quality pitching to choose from right now and the 31-year-old Padilla has managed to win eight games this season despite allowing 120 hits and 42 walks in 108 innings. His ERA is 4.92.
  • More proof why wins should never, ever, ever be used when discussing how good a pitcher is/has been.

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