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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ned Colletti = Two-Face

God I wish I knew how to use photoshop.
Might have come in handy.

First the good Colletti.

Now, the bad Colletti.
  • Garland is not needed. We have plenty of options to fill the spot he'll be given.
  • Garland has been slightly above average for his career. We have guys with higher ceilings and similar floors.
  • Considering all of Garland's contract will be paid off by the D-Backs, including his buy-out after this season, the player to be named later will almost certainly be more than Garland is actually worth. Especially considering Neddy is in charge.
  • GRADE: F, an unnecessary move that only serves to limit the growth of young Dodger arms. I'll change the grade to a D if we give up someone of no consequence.


  1. I wrote something earlier, but it got deleted. I pretty much agree with you on both acquisitions. Thome was a steal, that is an upgrade over Loretta in any situation. Also, if Loney continued to struggle, I'm sure Thome could fill in for a couple games at 1st base despite not fielding much the past few seasons.

    Now, you cannot be more correct about Garland. It is a headscratching move. He is a pitcher who gives up a lot of hits and earned runs. This team's strength has been the pitching, while the weakness is the recent offensive troubles. If we were going to just get some guy to eat up innings, we could have picked up Smoltz or Pedro. Colletti, hopefully he knows something we don't.

    Anyways, KK, you like the new jersey I'm gonna get:


    Haha =)

  2. It got deleted from here? Maybe that explains why I usually only get one or two comments haha.

    I'm just anxious to see who the PTBNL is. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's just some A/AA nobody.

    Better than a Garland, Belliard, or Padilla jersey haha. It looks good.

    I'd love to see Thome stick around in LA a few more seasons to really bolster our bench, but I've heard that he's said he wants to get to 600 HR, so he'll almost certainly be gone and back to the American League to DH next year.