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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Notes From Sunday's Game

A Michael Jackson Tribute?

  1. Manny's defense was atrocious today. He was only charged with 1 error, but he probably committed 5 minimum. How that Aramis Ramirez single was ruled a triple is beyond me, even taking into account the game was in LA. Manny really did a dis-service today to Chad Billingsley. Manny, you know you gotta help your pitcher out when you're in the field, right? At least he didn't cut any throws off today.
  2. Billingsley, while a little wild today, was also squeezed numerous times in the first few innings. He pitched well enough to lead us to victory (6 IP, 9 Hits, 3 ER, 5 K, 1 BB, 1 HR Allowed, 94 pitches - 60 for strikes).
  3. The offense was once again non-existent.
  4. Tony Abreu drove in the lone Dodger run. He was the only Dodger to reach base more than once (Single, BB).
  5. Orlando Hudson and James Loney had the day off. Hudson pinch-hit and grounded into a double play, while Loney apparently had the flu, though his play for much of the season certainly warranted a spot on the bench. Though I never want to see Mark Loretta playing instead of Loney, no matter how poorly Loney is hitting.
  6. Please Joe Torre, remove Casey Blake from the cleanup spot, and while you're at it, from the first 5 spots in the lineup.
  7. Did Hong-Chih Kuo really need to come in for one out, especially considering it was just Mike Fontenot? I think James McDonald could have handled that difficult task.


  1. A pretty crappy game all around today. To say that Manny was awful is an understatement.

  2. I think if we combined all the words that mean awful and made a few up to throw in there, it still wouldn't even come close.

    Aside from his wildness, I thought Bills was fine. Even the best pitchers have days when they don't hold the other team scoreless.

    I saw it pointed out over at Memories of Kevin Malone, but the pitching appears worse when you only score 1 run, and it always seems like most Dodgers fans blame the pitching first. Dempster is not Lincecum or Johan or Hamels, we should be able to score more than one run against him.