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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Best Comment Ever?

From "The Dude Abides":

MSTI, you are so inaccurate. Juan Pierre is a professional hitter with an excellent haircut. You can bet that his hair never gets in his eyes when he goes into his home run swing. Remember that whenever Juan Pierre hits a home run, it has a chilling effect on the rest of the league. It shows that the Dodgers MEAN BUSINESS and it LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER THE TEAM. He always runs hard on every ground ball to second base. He even runs hard on his popups. That is LEADERSHIP.

We also need Juan Pierre in left field because he always prevents runners on first base from scoring on a single. He consistently holds that runner to TWO BASES with his accurate arm. Also remember that his speed WINS BALL GAMES. Even though he gets caught stealing 30-35% of the time, his hustle SETS AN EXAMPLE for the rest of our young players. I will take a Juan Pierre caught stealing ANY DAY over a Manny Ramirez three-run homer. SHAME ON YOU MSTI.

Full post at Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness.


  1. Yeah I couldn't stop laughing after I saw it. Pure genius.