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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Curtain Call Day Game

Manny Ramirez Curtain Call Bobblehead Giveaway Day.

Enjoy the game.

Enjoy the bobblehead.


  1. Got my bobble today. I hate day games. Luckily I sat in the shade.

  2. Yeah the shade was nice. Where were you sitting? I was in the left-field pavilion, close to the Dodgers pen and about 4 rows from the top.

    I actually had a friend not be able to make it, so I used his ticket to get a second bobblehead.

    I stupidly turned down one of the guys handing them out who offered to sell me one for $10. How I passed on that deal, I will never know.

  3. I was in Reserve section 14 row GG.

    The bobble they gave away today isn't selling as high on eBay as the first Manny bobble.

  4. I saw the Kemp one on eBay BEFORE that game, and it was $30.