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Saturday, September 12, 2009

If The Dodgers* Need A Motivational Speaker

As some feel, might I suggest the greatest motivational speaker ever to motivationally speak: Leroy Smith.

And by the Dodgers, I am of course referring to Chad Billingsley, who is so mentally weak that he can't throw Roy Halladay-like gems every single game, just like Roy himself does. Cause Roy is great every single game, right? Yeah.



  1. Charlie Murphy is always funny. I saw him do stand up live in Ontario a few years back and it was hilarious shit.

    Padilla was great again tonight. WTF. Both him and Belliard have been very pleasant surprises. I was so ready to hate on Padilla when he came to LA, but I have nothing but love for the guy until he comes back down to earth. But for now, he's the man lol. Keep up the good work KK.

  2. Charlie Murphy is the shit, I just wish Chappelle's Show hadn't ended, I could see him every week.

    Lucky man to see Charlie live, I must say I'm jealous haha.

    Padilla's been solid, better than I expected. I still wish young guys could have been given a shot to start though. Belliard's been good too, it's just that he wasn't worth 2 prospects. Depth is good though.

    Belliard better be on the postseason roster, with Loretta far far away from it.

    Thanks for reading and contributing Rob.