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Monday, September 7, 2009

Keep Kershaw Away From Walls At All Times

Just heard Vin say Clayton Kershaw will have his next start skipped, scheduled for Friday in San Francisco. I assumed they were just skipping him to limit his innings, but lo and behold we find out he crashed into the outfield wall shagging balls during batting practice.

I can thankfully report he suffered nothing more than a bruise, and it was to his RIGHT shoulder. Whew.

Note to Dodgers' brass: Clayton Kershaw should never again shag balls in the outfield. Ever. If he is ever in the outfield again, he should be in this position and not move an inch.


  1. Why they let him shag balls in the OF is beyond me. "Here's an idea, let's have Kershaw go out and run into the OF wall today! Sounds like a good idea for our best young pitcher." Retards.

  2. It's to keep him active and get him some exercise while practicing baseball skills.

    Just don't ever let Repko shag balls with him.

    That came out wrong.

  3. Would it shock anyone if it was Repko who hit it? Or Repko who said, "Yeah Clayton, you've got plenty of room, the wall isn't anywhere close to you".

    telciram- Repko must be an expert ball shagger to still be on the team and have a roster spot over Hoffmann.

  4. I used to like Repko before his body imploded a few years back. He was fun to watch but now he's just a waste of space. Why the guy hasn't been DFA'd is beyond me.

  5. Thank god he's OK.

    Repko is nothing but a career minor leaguer.

  6. Don't the Dodgers have some neglected kids from their Dream Foundation they could let shag balls?

  7. We could all volunteer. The last (and only) time I was on the field at Dodger Stadium, I had the pleasure (?) of standing with Jose Vizcaino.

    It really makes no sense though to let pitchers shag balls in the outfield. Only bad things can happen, case in point Kershaw.

    It makes even less sense for that pitcher to be Kershaw. Shit, couldn't they let Mota do it instead?