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Friday, September 4, 2009

Notes From Friday's Game

  1. Clayton Kershaw was a bit wild over 6 IP (2 Runs [1 ER], 4 Hits, 3 K, 3 BB, 1 WP, 107 pitches - 62 for strikes). He retired the last 8 batters he faced, and many of those 45 balls were strikes from my vantage point.
  2. It's becoming a broken record, but if the offense doesn't step up, it doesn't matter how good or bad the pitching is.
  3. Bullpen: 3 IP, 0 Runs, 1 Hit, 2 K, 0 BB.
  4. Jim Thome made his first appearance for the Dodgers, pinch-hitting in the 8th inning. He singled and was pulled for a pinch-runner.
  5. Casey Blake (2 BB) and Ronnie Belliard (Single, BB) each reached base twice, the only Dodgers to reach base more than once.


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