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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Player Nicknames

Something to pass the time:

Confirmed Or Often-Used Nicknames
  • Matt Kemp - The Bison
  • Andre Ethier - Late Game Dre, Endre
  • Manny Ramirez- Manram
  • George Sherrill - The Brim Reaper
  • Casey Blake - The Beard
  • Orlando Hudson - O-Dawg
  • Juan Pierre - Beast Mode (I politely disagree)

Any I missed? I'm thinking more along the lines of nicknames that don't derive solely from their name, like Raffy or McD/J-Mac.

*A list of Dodgers nicknames I found. Clearly incomplete, and clearly not completely factual.*


  1. Doesn't Kershaw have the nickname Minotaur? I thought I read that somewhere...

  2. Personally, I call Pierre "Frenchy," which I got from Dodger Blues.

    And don't forget Loney = "Geoffrey."

  3. L-Ram - I don't think I've ever heard Kershaw called that, but I suppose referring to him as a mythical creature is better than a lot of other potential nicknames, and I actually like it a lot. It's a baller nickname.

    Though I like using Vin's name for Clayton's curve and going with that. It's pretty tough to beat a nickname of Public Enemy # 1.

    I also like calling him "The Kershawminator."

    Amanda- I've never understood why Loney has that nickname.

  4. I don't think other Dodgers players call Kershaw that, but that was his nickname some Dodger blogs started when they brought him up last year


    Loney got his name because other Dodgers said he has crazy eyes and legs like a baby giraffe. So they call him Geoffrey in honor of the Toys R Us mascot

  5. L-Ram - Thanks, that's a great Loney story.


  6. The most ridiculous part of the listed link is that Kemp is listed as "the weird kid".

    That's some stupid shit. Or Jeff Kent edits wikipedia in his free time.

  7. How could we all forget Eye Chart?

  8. You listed Casey, but I call him either "Beardy McGee" or when he screws up in the field I call him "That Bearded Fuck" or "Mark Hendrickson Jr."

  9. Kershaw - KKKavior? Kolonel K?

    Billingsley - C-Note? (I'm sure this has been said before.)

    Broxton- Hefe? Colossus? Juggernaut? Giant Georgian? Doom?

    Anything so I don't have to keep thinking of things haha.

  10. Beardy McGee?

    I've called him Moses before.

  11. You did forget a real one KK. Broxton is the Baby Bull.

  12. Brox- the ox

    Kershaw- Kerfax (i made this up, and it hasn't caught on....yet)

    Weaver- Dream Weaver

    Belisario- Pumpkin/pumpkin head

    Troncoso- jumbo-tron?

    Mota- iliketorunawayfrommikepiazzacausehesscaryandstuff

    I like Endre for Andre.

  13. telciram- Yeah I remember when there was the story, think it was ESPN, that called Andre "Endre Either", and I think it was I Alivandi who said it was fitting because he had had so many walk-offs. I like it, but I like Late Game Dre too.

    I found the Piazza-Mota video, meant to post it back when Fielder tried to get in the clubhouse. It's hilarious. Plus any video of Mike is good, brings back fond memories.

    Kerfax is solid, but I'm partial to KKKavior, but then again, that's because I came up with it, so I might be a bit biased haha.