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Monday, October 26, 2009

Mark Timmons Is As Intimidating As He Is Knowledgeable About Dodgers Baseball

Which is to say not at all.

I am truly honored to have been labeled a troll by you, Mark Timmons.

Though I think it's safe to say The Big Dodger In The Sky would be siding with kensai, stat lovers, people who believe in logic, and myself on this one.

He's like a slightly more annoying Bill Plaschke. -------->

Wow, never did I think I would hear myself utter those words.

Kudos to you.

Mark Timmons, now with 50%* more annoying than Bill Plaschke.

This concludes another installment of "Write Like Bill Plaschke Day".

*Math may be incorrect, because as we all know, "statistics....WILL NEVER capture the power of the human spirit!" - Mark Timmons*

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