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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Links On A Saturday Night

One of the worst hockey fights. Ever. [Briere vs. Vlasic]

Chad Johnson's condom box design. Never thought I'd have to type those words. The man is a genius though. Oh, and a pretty good wide receiver. [For Those Who Thought I Was Playing]

For those who love Chipotle, but can't eat it as often as they'd like, there comes "Chipotlaway". [Billy Mays & Chipotlaway From South Park]

More South Park, from the Season 13 season finale. God I love this show. [Cartman Sings "Not My Waterpark" From South Park]

Via Deadspin: if NBA players were part of a Japanese trading card series. There are some pretty hilarious ones. And ones that I would swear were real if this story were real. [Japanese Gaming Cards With Photoshopped NBA Players Are Disrespectful To Frowns]

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