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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eric Stults May Have To Learn Japanese After All

Stults is still being pursued by Japanese clubs, specifically Chiba Lotte. Their interest in Stults is so strong that they are reportedly sending a negotiator to discuss what it will take to purchase Stults' contract and pry him away from the organization.

I don't know if the services of Eric Stults have ever been in this high of a demand. He should feel good, I think. An interesting question: would you rather pitch in AAA for most of the season, with the likelihood of one or two call-ups, or pitch full time at the highest level in Japan? I would take the stay-in-America path, but that's just me. Oh, and I couldn't pitch if my life depended on it. And by pitch, I mean throw more than one or two pitches over or anywhere near the plate.

Considering how cheap and in desperate need of money Frank McCourt is, I would be shocked if he didn't sell the contract for anything he could get his cheap hands on.

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  1. The interest in Stults is more creepy than anything else.

  2. They do seem quite infatuated with him. Perhaps "Stults" has some sort of sacred meaning when translated into Japanese.

    It would really shock me if he wasn't sold to Japan, mainly because of the McCourt money problems, but also because even if there were no divorce/money problems/cheap owners, Stults is nothing special and pitching is THE organizational strength.

    Selling him for anything seems the prudent move to me. He's really quite expendable.