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Friday, January 1, 2010

Ken Gurnick Asks, We Laugh

Ken Gurnick has "10 Dodgers Questions For 2010".

Don't be surprised if A.J. Ellis gets a lot of playing time in Spring Training, and don't be surprised if he makes a serious run at Martin's job.

Yeah, a 28-year-old with 13 career plate appearances who is not half as good as Martin will take his job. If you think people complain about Martin's power, wait until Ellis arrives.

And knowing just how bad of a game manager Torre is, Martin will play more than ever this year and be worn out by July.


  1. I mean the Dodgers are pissing me off...and I'm not even a Dodger fan! First they elect to NOT give the Blue Jays whatever they want for Roy Halladay, and then they consider this option?!

    They better get their shit together, or else they will finish 3rd in the West!

  2. I wouldn't have given the Blue Jays whatever they wanted for Halladay, I don't believe in emptying out the farm system.

    Maybe 3 or 4 select guys, but that's it. And I know my offer wouldn't have been accepted, even by me if I were running the Jays.

  3. Halladay talk not withstanding, this doesn't make sense. I still think Martin is a top ten back stop.

  4. Schruender- Agreed, especially considering he plays a position where you're more than willing to ignore offensive numbers.

    He's a very patient hitter, more than wiling to draw a walk, and I think he does have more power left in him than last year would suggest.

    I'd love to see him get more rest, and not the "put him at third" type of rest.