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Monday, January 25, 2010

Pictures From An Anaheim Ducks Game Yonder

Pictures from the Ducks-Blues game I attended way back when on January 7th. Yes, these pictures are about 2 and a half weeks late. That's what happens when you're technologically impotent behind the times and have a crappy cell phone camera.

First, we have a Blues super-fan sitting about 2-3 rows up and left of my buddies and I. The blue mohawk is a nice touch, extra points if it's his real hair (I'd venture to say it's not):

Next, some blimp/float contraption that hovers around the Honda Center dropping coupons, I think for some furniture store. It appears to me to be a cow:

Next, a poor shot of the scoreboard after the game had ended. Ducks 4, Blues 2:

Finally, a shot of one of many flares that lined the street outside of Honda Center:

One picture not included: Sonic after the game. Damn is Sonic good. There should really be more of those. Especially by my house.

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