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Friday, January 8, 2010

Robb Quinlan? God No

The Dodgers are interested in Robb Quinlan, Tweets Lyle Spencer. Spencer says the Dodgers view Quinlan as a 4th OF.

Of course, we already three capable 4th OFs in the organization in Xavier Paul, Brian Barton, and Jason Repko. I never thought I'd call Repko capable, but he most certainly is when compared to Quinlan.

Quinlan is 33, and will be 34 for the entirety of the upcoming 2010 season. Oh, and he is a horrendous player.

A career .326 OBP (.275 [!] last season) to go along with a career OPS of .734 (.614 last season). An OPS which has declined the last 4 seasons. All this is made more comical by the fact that Quinlan possesses a career .317 BABIP. It's comical and refreshing to see that he's this atrocious even with a good career BABIP.

Quinlan is, of course, just the kind of player Colletti loves. Old, more expensive than the better in-house options we have, and veterany.

Lyle Spencer, you better be wrong.

Ned Colletti, you better talk to someone intelligent before you do something stupid.

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