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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dodgers Hand Out Spring Training Invites Like They Were Sweet Sweet Crack

The Dodgers have signed Justin Knoedler to a minor league deal with the all-important invite to Spring Training.

And not surprisingly, Knoedler was at one point a member of the San Francisco Giants, which guarantees that Ned Colletti will sign you to a deal.

Knoedler, 30 on July 17th and a catcher by trade, has appeared in 14 major league games, all with the rival Giants, and none since 2006. In those 14 games and 19 plate appearances, the career minor leaguer put up a simply lovely, thrilling .111/.158/.111/.269 line. He did, however, get hit by a pitch. So there's that.

His minor league line of .255/.322/.407/.729 over 8 seasons doesn't inspire much confidence either. Thankfully, he's nothing more than minor league fodder, a filler, a warm body.

Though being that he was a Giant, you never know, he could be leading the charge to.....somewhere, come October.

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