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Monday, April 19, 2010

Dodgers Links On A Monday Night

Is Manny Ramirez a Hall Of Famer? Big League Stew poses the question and asks readers to vote Yes, No, or Undecided. My vote, though I did not vote in their poll, is an unquestioned YES. [BLS Poll: Would Manny Ramirez get your Hall Of Fame Vote?] The results when I checked, from just under 3000 votes:
  • Yes 54%

  • No 39%

  • Undecided 6%

Sporting News's rankings of every team through yesterday, with the Dodgers clocking in at # 15, up three spots from their last rankings. [MLB Power Poll]

Finally, in non-Dodgers news, Pablo Sandoval took off his cup and threw it during a game. It hit a man in the head. This is far too easy to photoshop. M.Brown and Ferio, the ball is now in your respective courts. Photoshop contest on 3...2...1... GO! [Pablo The Panda & The Worst Souvenir Ever]


  1. Panda cup?

    I find that highly disgusting!

  2. Yes, this story does indeed give me the willies.

    And make me realize Sandoval at least has the arm for third, though not the range.