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Friday, April 9, 2010

Notes From Friday's Game 4/9/2010

Dodgers 7, Florida 3

Box Score.
  • Hiroki Kuroda was stellar, giving the Dodgers their best start from a starter, though of course it's only been 4 games (8 IP, 1 Run [0 ER], 5 Hits, 7 K, 1 IBB, 1 WP, 100 pitches - 69 [haha, yes I'm twelve at heart] for strikes). Kuroda was a ground ball machine, getting double digit outs via the ground. Everything was working for Hiroki tonight.
  • Bullpen: 1 IP, 2 ER, 2 Hits, 3 K, 2 BB.
  • Andre Ethier missed his second consecutive game with a sprained left ankle.
  • Russ Ortiz struggled for the first time in 3 appearances, and Jonathan Broxton had to come in and clean up his bases-loaded mess, giving up a decently-hit, well-placed double Matty just missed, followed by two filthy strikeouts. Broxton was plain nasty tonight. I had planned on writing some sort of ode to Russ's early success, but then he had to go and be, well, you know, Russ Ortiz. I'll have to re-work it now, somehow.
  • Matt Kemp stole his first base of the season, while Rafael Furcal stole his 3rd. Furcal stole his 3rd base last season on April 25th, and didn't get his 4th until June 9th. He seems to finally be healthy and able to be a threat on the base paths.
  • Furcal (2 Doubles, Single, IBB) reached base 4 times, while Manny (Double, Single), Blake DeWitt (Single, BB), and Russell Martin (2 BB) each reached base twice.
  • DeWitt has reached base twice in each of his 3 starts.
  • The offense drew 5 walks and struck out just 5 times.

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