Sunday, April 18, 2010

Russ Ortiz Is Gone!

Russ Ortiz has finally been designated for assignment, and Jon Link has been recalled to take his place. Link will almost certainly be sent back to AAA once Hong-Chih Kuo and Ronald Belisario return.

Ortiz's comments:

Ortiz said he asked if the club wanted to keep him and was told yes, but Ortiz said he's not sure he would accept.

"If it's for a specific purpose for the opportunity to come back, yeah," he said. "But I'm not going to go down just to put a uniform on. I don't need to put a uniform on to be happy."

Ortiz said he was undone by three bad innings, but acknowledged that he didn't pitch well enough to remain in the Major Leagues for the entire year, as was his goal.

"It's kind of incomplete for me," he said. "If anything, I let myself and my teammates down."

You were undone because you're an awful pitcher Russ Ortiz.

My ode to you, Russ, is no longer needed.

Thank god for that.

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