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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Three Sent To AAA

Luis Ayala, Justin Miller, and J.D. Closser were all sent down to AAA Albuquerque. All three had signed minor league deals in the offseason with invitations to Spring Training.

Final roster decisions will be made on Saturday in preparation for Monday's season opener against the Pirates.

Some comments from Joe Torre on Ayala and Miller:
"I think Ayala probably has a bigger arm but was a little more inconsistent. But they got experience so it's always nice to have people down there you can choose from."

"I think Miller was a little more consistent," Torre said. "He showed me he could get both lefties and righties out even though he's a little better against right-handers. But he showed a nice offspeed pitch against lefties."


  1. I take it the draft is 1PM PST?

  2. Sorry I didn't make that more clear, I always forget to include time zone.