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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Andre Ethier, Vicente Padilla, George Sherrill, & Dodger Rotation News

Andre Ethier has been rehabbing his broken pinkie, and is on track to return Monday.


Carlos Monasterios will start Wednesday.

Charlie Haeger is rehabbing and though he was scheduled to return this week and start Tuesday, his foot problem has not subsided, and when he returns is unknown. From the above article:
"Haeger's foot problem hasn't gone away. We saw him limping on the video [from a Saturday appearance]," said manager Joe Torre. "We're going to just put him off."

George Sherrill appears to be nearing a return from his "back injury", and once he's made a reported 4 rehab appearances, he'll be back once his 15-day purgatory has ended.
"I felt my timing was a lot better," Sherrill said. "I still feel a little something in the back, but it doesn't grab at all. If they want me to go somewhere, I'll go. I know they want me to be with [Triple-A Albuquerque pitching coach Jim] Slaton, but they're on the road."
Vicente Padilla is on track to return in the middle of June.
"He didn't like his command, the sinker wasn't real good, but he threw breaking balls and splits," pitching coach Rick Honeycutt said. "He'll take two days off, throw a bullpen at home and we'll look at a rehab start at San Bernardino Thursday. He'll probably need three of those."
Padilla also found himself in some hot water in Colorado, but it appears that nothing will come of that. Vin Scully Is My Homeboy has all of your Padilla news, as always.

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