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Sunday, May 9, 2010

George Sherrill and Dodger Rotation News

George Sherrill has been watching video of Billy Wagner to try and fix his problems.
"I was telling some of the guys, thank God the Red Sox and Yankees went to a rain delay and [Billy] Wagner pitched," Sherrill said. "I've always been told I'm close to how he pitched."
"All the other stuff I've been doing didn't even matter," Sherrill said. "Everything I've done all season, didn't matter."
Too bad Sherrill doesn't come close to Wagner's past excellence or his current usefulness. And last time I checked, baseball doesn't do do-overs, so Sherrill's awfulness has mattered.

And counted.


Vicente Padilla won't be back until June at the earliest as he works his way back from a forearm injury, which we already knew from previous reports.


Charlie Haeger won't make the trip to Arizona, and is apparently dealing with a heel injury. All of this is code, and obvious code at that, for "DL stint" to allow for John Ely's recall after his recent and uncalled for demotion. Not that Haeger might not be injured, but someone was going to be DL'd in all likelihood. At least DL'ing Haeger allows them to keep him and not expose him to waivers, which would have been the case had they attempted to send him down to AAA.
Haeger said Sunday that his right heel has been bothering him and that he has been receiving treatment for it. He said he expects to see a doctor on Monday locally.

"I think we're going to go see a doctor this week and make sure everything's OK with the bone and everything structurally down there," said Haeger, who lasted just five batters in a start against the Rockies on Saturday.
A few minutes before Haeger spoke, manager Joe Torre said he was unsure whether Haeger would travel. Haeger did not speak of any physical problems until Sunday, saying he was fine after Saturday's start.

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