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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dodgers Links On A Sunday Late Afternoon

If Rafael Furcal does have to go on the DL, which is still uncertain (and unlikely according to what's come out about his injury), Chin-lung Hu would be the most likely call-up. And hopefully he starts because Jamey Carroll is dreadful defensively at shortstop.

George Sherrill has been warned about taking to much time to warm up before beginning a game he entered on April 14th. Sherill took the letter from MLB, posted it on his locker, and added a message of his own:

"With more strikes called, the game is faster," read Sherrill's hand-written note on the typed letter.

"First time I got something like that," Sherrill said. "It's my seventh year in the big leagues, and I've never gotten one before. The thing is, you sit there and watch a game, and guys are throwing strikes on top of strikes, and [the umpires] are not calling them. That's why games are taking so long, not because a guy has a little extra time to warm up."

Vicente Padilla is out through May with his forearm injury.

"He's better, he's feeling better, but not having thrown for a while, I don't see him helping us this month," Torre said. "That's not anything, I think, unusual."


  1. Now it looks like John Ely is gonna get another start on Thursday.

  2. Nice, I saw the note on TBLA.

    Ely looked solid, may as well give him another shot. Hopefully he can go/they let him go 6 innings.

    They need to use Haeger at some point soon. Hell, I'd give him another start, but I'm generous guy sometimes.