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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tommy Lasorda & Kyle Russell Talk Hitting

Tommy Lasorda and Kyle Russell work on hitting in this instructional video.

"I'll give you an Oklahoma guarantee! It ain't worth a shit!" Ah Tommy, you are priceless. This is what I found online for the meaning of an "Oklahoma guarantee":
An “Oklahoma gurantee” isn’t much of a guarantee. The term probably began with Oklahoma used car dealers offering shady “guarantees” for their used cars. An “Oklahoma gurantee” might mean that “if the product breaks in two, you get to keep both pieces!” An “Oklahoma guarantee” also might mean that “this product works, or you can call me a son of a bitch!”

The term “Oklahoma guarantee” has been popular in Texas and Oklahoma, but has some limited nationwide currency.
For those of you wondering, Tommy was born in Pennsylvania.


  1. Where did you see this video? :)

  2. "Oklahoma guarentee"

    I've got to remember that one.

  3. Roberto- Found it on Google Search when I was looking up Kyle Russell's numbers this season.

    Did you post this before?

    Haha I would be pretty late to the party then I suppose. And pretty dumb for not remembering you posted it. I'll look through your archives now.

  4. Roberto, I checked the archives and didn't see it.

    But that smiley face of yours is making me trip out.

    Help a brother out and explain!

  5. lol It's okay!


  6. Wow I feel really stupid haha, that was two days ago!

    I never even read through the links, just looked at Miller's picture haha.

    At least it's an awesome enough video to be posted time and time again.

  7. KK - Don't feel bad. I did it to Roberto too with the Loney bobblehead pictures. He's good at what he does with his blog. He's always one step ahead.

  8. It's all good! No problem :)

  9. dodgerbobble- More like two steps ahead on a bad day, 3 or 4 on a normal day.

    Roberto- Haha cool.