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Friday, June 11, 2010

Jonathan Broxton Bobblehead Game Recap

I attended the Broxton Bobblehead game this past Tuesday. My buddies and I had infield reserve seats, third base side. We planned to get to the game around 6, and I wanted to go check out Autograph Alley in center field, having never been before.

Of course, my camera ran out of juice about 5 minutes after I entered the stadium, and try as I might, I couldn't take a picture after about 7:00. Remember kids, always charge the batteries for something you plan on using. Lesson learned.

This first response van was next to us at a light driving to the game. I imagine it was on its way to the stadium to pick up Garret Anderson's corpse.

On the way to the game, we passed by this huge billboard for Mannywood. Of course a huge bus got in my way, but you get the idea.

As we entered Dodger Stadium, we were given this nice booklet with Chad Billingsley on the cover.

We were parked right around 6:00, and made our way to center. I had no idea who would be at Autograph Alley, as the Dodgers hadn't announced it, and lo and behold I find Matt Luke there. Honestly, I have no recollection of Matt Luke as a Dodger, and had only heard his name maybe once before. I stand in a line of about 5 people, and Luke signs the card you see below for me. He was also nice enough to take a picture with me. Nice guy.

Loved seeing former Dodgers images immortalized on the pillars at the stadium. Though I unfortunately didn't run into any of the sons of the Sons Of Steve Garvey while at the game. Davey Lopes can be seen behind Garvey; I also saw Ron Cey, Bill Russell, and the amazingly awesome and exciting Mike Piazza.

The game was fantastic, a pitcher's duel from start to finish. There was a proposal (it seems there's one at every game I go to), and I thought it actually looked fairly fake, with the potential bride-to-be running away from her kneeling and ring-bearing boyfriend. She later returned and said yes, and we saw them walking in the parking lot after the game, having parked about two rows over from us. I clapped and said congrats, and they nodded and said thank you, then got in the same car and sat next to each other. So who knows, maybe it was real, maybe it wasn't. I hope it was real and they are getting married, but it did remind me of this other "marriage proposal" which was as fake as can be.

After Manny Ramirez's double to right to drive in the lone Dodger run (and the crowd was electric that whole inning), in walked the man of the day, Jonathan Broxton. As Iron Man blared throughout Dodger Stadium, the fans were going crazy, and Brox's first batter just so happened to be the best player in all of baseball, Albert Pujols. An epic at-bat followed, with Broxton finally striking out Pujols. Broxton closed the inning out, and the Dodgers went home with a 1-0 victory.

And I went home happy as well, having seen a great game and come away with an autograph and a sweet Broxton Bobblehead.


  1. Definitely, only could have been better if I was smart enough to charge my camera haha.

    The Ely recap is coming tonight by the way, and the Inland Empire pictures probably early next week.

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