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Monday, June 14, 2010

Memorabilia Monday: Kevin Love (UPDATE)

Every Monday, I'll post a picture and description of some piece of memorabilia I have. Perhaps it will be Dodgers-related, perhaps not. Feel free to send in your own pictures and descriptions, and I'll post them for you.

E-mail me at plaschkethysweaterisargyle@yahoo.com if you're interested in having something of yours posted for the world (i.e. the 12 people who read the blog) to see. Subject line: PTSIA Memorabilia Monday.

Up first, we have this autographed picture of UCLA alumni and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love.

I met Love at a signing this past Saturday at a card shop in Culver City. Nice guy, very friendly. He signed the above photo and was kind enough to take two pictures with me, as the first didn't come out great. I also met Love's uncle, Mike Love, of Beach Boys fame, at the signing. Love's uncle came decked out in a Kevin Love jersey t-shirt. I arrived at 12:00 for a 1:00-2:00 signing, expecting a large line. I was the first one there, and by the time I left at about 1:40, there had been maybe 20 people total. I'm so short (and they're so tall) that I came up to about their armpits in the pictures I took with them.

Kevin and Mike Love:

All in all, a great day.

UPDATE: I'm an idiot. That's Stan Love, Kevin's father, not Mike Love, his uncle. What can I say? They look similar and Stan was talking about the Beach Boys, so I assumed he was Mike Love.

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