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Monday, June 21, 2010

Memorabilia Monday: Matt Luke

I met Matt Luke in Autograph Alley prior to the Jonathan Broxton Bobblehead Giveaway Night game against the Cardinals on June 8. Nice guy, took a picture with me as well. Line was short when I got there just after 6:00ish. Autograph Alley is a great feature of Dodgers games, and I hope to check it out each time I attend a game in the future.


  1. Nice. I've never been to autograph alley. Where do you have to go? How early do you need to get there?

  2. Centerfield, they also let you on the field for a bit during BP, but I just went to Autograph Alley.

    They have a booth set up, they have cards of the player like they do at other signings.

    Roberto told me it generally runs from around 5:20-6:40, I got there around 6. Line would depend on the player, granted Matt Luke could have had a longer line when it started.

    Great experience, I highly recommend it.