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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Retrospect: Ramon Ortiz and Nick Green No Longer Dodgers

The baseball gods surely healed the Dodgers of some of what ailed them:

This is how I felt when I heard the wonderful news they had been DFA'd.

A little late (a lot late), but eh, the vigor with which I post this is still the same as when I heard the oh so glorious news that these gentlemen had been DFA'd.

What took Joe Torre and Ned Colletti so long? Green is useless on this team (and any other), while Ortiz is a veteran, and was a San Francisco Giant. Those two traits all but guarantee you a job and a semi-long to long stint with the Dodgers nowadays.

For what it's worth, Justin Miller is likely to not be much better, if better at all. And hey, what do you know, he's a veteran AND a former Giant.

Set for life I tell ya, set for life.

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