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Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's A Move Without A Little Imagery?

Much thanks, as always, to the excellent and talented M.Brown from The Left Field Pavilion for putting this together.

Wonder Twins, activate! Form of, Uber-Dodgers blog!


  1. What's the story with the argyle???

  2. Plaschke used to wear it on Around The Horn, and the host and other panelists would give him crap for it. Thus, I decided to use it in the blog name.

    Honestly, I've grown to like argyle. I have video of why Plaschke wore it, just haven't uploaded it to Blogger yet.

    I will soon though, check back in and it should be up within the week.

  3. Well, maybe not within the week haha. But at some point.

    Hopefully soon.