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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trade With Nachos Grande: Hiroki Kuroda + Allen & Ginter

I completed a trade with Chris from Nachos Grande. I sent him a 2010 Allen & Ginter regular back mini, #103, Machiavelli. It's interesting non-baseball cards like this that make me love A&G even more than I already do. I also sent along a couple of Barry Larkin cards he didn't have listed as part of his collection, and a few other Reds cards of various players.

In return, Chris sent along three A&G base cards I need in my quest to complete this years' Base Set, including Short Prints. All three he sent me were Short Prints: Daric Barton #302, Carlos Pena #304, and our very own Hiroki Kuroda, #336.

Thanks again Chris, I appreciate the trade. Hope you enjoyed the cards I sent. Hopefully we'll deal again in the future.


  1. what else do you need? I have that 2007 fleer kemp for you still.

  2. Need? From A&G? I have to update my Want List and put it up, I got another package in via trade with a bunch of Ginter base.

    Any luck pulling Dodgers from A&G yet? I've got at least one for you.

  3. I stopped buying A&G. I had such terrrible luck with every blaster I bought. No Dodgers and the relic cards I got were shitty.

  4. Well, I've got a Dodger for you then. We can set something up around that Dodger and the 2007 Kemp Fleer if you want.

    And you actually pulled a relic out of a blaster? Nice, that's no easy feat.

  5. Jersey card is a relic. Who'd ya pull?