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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Trade" With Baseball Savvy: Vintage. And Darren Dreifort.

I helped set up Lakers Savvy, a new Lakers blog that will be coming to a computer near you at some point soonish, a while back. It's the brainchild of Howard Cole, who runs Baseball Savvy. I told Howard no payment was necessary, that I was happy to help as much as I could. When he eventually offered to send cards my way, I couldn't turn them down. I mean, when someone offers you cardboard, and vintage cardboard no less, you jump on it.

Howard was kind enough to send me five cards, and all five now have a permanent home in my collection. Without further adieu, let's get to 'em:

1955 Bowman Don Hoak

This thing is in near mint condition. A beautiful looking set from Bowman, and my first from the set which I one day hope to put together. The Dodgers portion of it, of course.

1960 Topps Carl Furillo

1961 Topps Dodgers Team Card

1973 Topps Steve Garvey. Third Base. Awesome.

1995 Donruss Gold Leaf Rookies Darren Dreifort

This bad boy is my first Dreifort, well, anything, if memory serves. And it's signed. The best part of this card is how Howard came to procure it. This is how he told the story: "I paid $55 million for this one, over five years." Ah, it's the little things in life that bring me so much joy.

Thanks again for the cards Howard, and good luck with Lakers Savvy.


  1. Nice Dreifort. Make sure he doesn't get hurt.

  2. I think I'll double-toploader him just to be safe.