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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trade With Collector's Crack: Jonathan Broxton and Carlos Santana

Mark - a.k.a. cynicalbuddha - from Collector's Crack posted a couple of sweet cards that I just had to have. After a few e-mails, we agreed on a deal, and I sent Mark's cards off to Alaska. Which is awesome in and of itself. But I'm pretty sure the cards top their original location.

I'm an unabashed Broxton fan. So getting a relic of his was a sweet coup for me.

My first Santana card. First of many, I hope. Bittersweet, to say the least.

In return, I sent Mark a Rickie Weeks bat relic, some random Brewers and Packers cards, a few Brett Favre cards, and some other randomness. I hope you enjoy the cards Mark, I love what you sent me. Thanks a bunch! Here's to more trades in the cold Alaskan* future.

*On a side note, Alaska figured in my previous quarter at UCLA. We were tasked with coming up with titles for lectures, and I put five forward - two of which dealt with Nome, Alaska. The response was better than I had anticipated (though my winning title was not one of the two Nome titles), and I won! I received a shrink-wrapped book, a Sheriff's badge, and handcuffs.

Yeah, I was a bit uncomfortable to say the least.


  1. Thanks!

    And only a half-decade or so more of Colletti.

    I'm already preparing myself for a Sands/Withrow/Gordon/+ for Benji Molina.

  2. Hey Greg did I email I got the cards? If not sorry I know I meant too. It's always good to give unwanted cards a good home and thanks for all the goodies you sent, I actually need both Favres for the old collection so that was a huge bonus for me!! And a nice Weeks bat card to boot.

  3. No worries Mark, glad you enjoyed the cards!

    And it took me like a day to realize the Santana is a Refractor haha. So it's even more awesome than I thought!

  4. Bittersweet, indeed. I had a Santana auto I pulled from 2010 Chrome, but couldn't keep it because it was depressing to think about.

  5. Arno- If you ever pull another Santana hit, let me know. I'll be happy to take that bittersweet card off of your hands.

    And the 8-way arrived yesterday. Thanks again!

  6. Sweet. Also I'll keep you in mind.