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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trade With Thoughts & Sox: Sutton, Snider, Pedro, Garvey, 1992 UD

My second trade with Adam from Thoughts & Sox. Follow this friendly link to read up on our first deal.

Adam posted some trade bait a while back, and I hopped on the Dodgers. He sent those, a nice '81 Stolen Base Leaders card, and near about the entire Dodgers' Team Set from 1992 Upper Deck (19 of 30). Which includes a nice rookie/early card of Pedro. Oh, what could have been.

I had one of the remaining eleven '92 UD cards needed for the team set, so I've added the remaining ten to my Want List. I never intended to, but what the hell, I'm close enough that I may as well take a shot at completing the team set.

1979 Sutton, a pair of 1983 Garveys.
If anyone wants one of the Garveys, let me know.

Action Valenzuela!

Much thanks Adam! I have some cards in mind that I'll be sending to you, one in particular I think you'll enjoy - just need to grab it from it's current resting place. Keep an eye out for the postman; I plan to send something out in the next few weeks. Hopefully the cards will be to your liking. And if they are, post them!


  1. Someone gave me a box of 92 Upper Deck and 95 Topps. I threw the 92 Dodgers in there for padding not knowing you needeed them. I'll have to go through the rest of the box and see if there are any more that you need. You know what they say one mans trash...

  2. I like the look of the set, and anything with Pedro is a plus. I do appreciate them, even if they were just meant to be padding haha.

    Much thanks again Adam!

  3. Are No- I know, right? I don't know why, but it just looks awesome. I don't even think I had seen more than a card or two from the set before Adam sent them along haha.