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Friday, March 25, 2011

Trade With The Bullpen Cardboard: DeWitt, Martin, J. Upton, Marion

Cam from The Bullpen Cardboard and I swapped a number of hits in a trade that also saw some cards of guys I collect come my way and some 2010 Ginter, guys he collects, and a blue-bordered Berkman head his way. In exchange for a few Masterpieces autos and at least one Astro, Cam sent me these great cards:


Game-Worn Warm-ups from an NBA All-Star Game

I love the Ticket To Stardom auto/relics, and I've made my adoration of UD Spectrum Swatches known in multiple previous posts. Regarding DeWitt, if anyone has any unwanted DeWitt autos or relics, let me know and I'll trade for them.

There were also two additions to my Kershaw PC (Kimball Mini and a TriStar card of Kershaw on the Great Lakes Loons), as well as a new Kemp and a number of other great cards I did not previously have.

Thanks Cam, hope you like your cards!


  1. That is the nicest Dewitt card that I have ever seen. Great trade!